Since 1965, the Dharma Ayurveda Center has served as a beautiful, nurturing place where people come to heal their physical illnesses, find emotional calm, empower themselves, and connect to their inner spiritual life.The center which had humble beginnings at Ayirooppara, Trivandrum – the capital city of Kerala – still remains a dream realm for the health conscious to achieve well being of mind, body and spirit.Dharma Ayurveda follows an 1800-year-old lineage of experience in traditional as well as specialized Ayurvedic healing practices that have been perfected through several generations of family healers.Dharma Ayurveda is proud of its legendary success in healing diseases including cures for chronic and progressive diseases where other systems have failed.

The medicines and formulas used in Dharma treatments and therapies are made at the in-house vaidyasala from the finest herbs and plants handpicked by experienced natives from throughout the state. The formulas strictly adhere to the original procedures of formulation which since centuries have served the royal family and cured many Portuguese, Dutch and other seafarers who arrived on Indian shores afflicted with painful diseases during their long voyages.

Like in old days, the dharma family tradition carries on…